The Strategy

We are so glad that you’re considering having a business film created by us. We are ready to work alongside you.

After creating business films for over 7 years now, we know that with all of the hard work and energy you put into your business, to focus on what you do, you need someone to go to bat for you to get your message out to those who don’t know who you are yet.  That’s where where a business film and a marketing strategy becomes one of your greatest investments you can make. We tell the story of your business, why you do what you do. We film a captivating interview mixed with shots of you performing your service, or creating your product, and interacting with clients. Now that you have a great business film, what’s next? We give that film movement by creating a three pronged marketing strategy which includes social media, online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and even television advertising if you so desire.

Many of our previous clients have shared with us that their business film and marketing plan was one of the best investments that they have made. We have a base price for video production and then pricing for monthly programs of advertising in various media. For more information on our pricing, please connect with us on our contact us page.


P L A N N I N G   +   P R O D U C T I O N   +   M O V E M E N T   =   N E W  C L I E N T S