The Web Video Marketing Plan utilizes more than one video to create a noticeable presence online, while simultaneously creating a discount for your professionally produced online videos. The impact of a well told short story can hold a place in the minds of your customers. Your company is not only a building, but people. Those people are your story, and the products they make are your vision. Let your customers see that vision, and those people, in a whole new way.

We not only give you a link to a sharable YouTube Video, but we can help your business create and brand a YouTube Channel, and a Facebook page if you need one. We also show you several places that video or videos can be effective online.

We have had the honor to work with many Companies, Non-Profit Organizations, Authors, and Artists, both Locally and Nationally.  Every successful business owner understands the importance of relationships. Allowing potential customers to know, like and trust you is one of the cornerstones of your future success. A professionally produced video truly humanizes your business and enables viewers a better sense of who you are, the passion you have for your business and why they should invest in your products and services.


Current Online Video Statistics:

 55% of All Online Traffic is video based,

  21% of video viewers MAKE PURCHASES.

  26% of video viewers VISIT YOUR ONLINE STORE

         21% of video viewers REQUEST MORE INFORMATION.    

        Online Video has a 64% CUSTOMER CONVERSION RATE   

With results like these, a professional-quality video is a vital tool to showcase your company’s products and services. It means a return on your marketing investment.   A well-optimized video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results. As more customers find you online, your video can have a major impact on your growth.     60% of online audiences watch videos — But only 4% of sites offer video content.  Use this disconnect to your advantage! Instead of forcing your online visitors to shift through pages and pages of text and images, let us streamline your products and services into a video to visually engage your customers and separate you from the crowd.

Types of Business Films we Create

Business Promo Videos (3 minutes or less)

Industry Advice Videos (3-4 Min.)

Web Commercial (90 Seconds)

Branding Videos (2-3 Min.)

Short Documentary about the Company (5-7 Min.)

Event Highlight Videos (3-4 Min.)

News/Blog Post/Update Videos (3 Min.)

Press Release Videos (3 Min.)

Product Demo Videos (3 Min.)

Case Study/Product User Testimonial (3 Min.)

Owner/Founder/Manager/Employee Spotlight (3 minutes or less)

Pricing is available upon request.  Every project is different and unique, but we try to maintain an affordable price point for our clients.  We also offer discounts for multiple video projects.